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The aim of this action line is to deliver the consolidated European strategy for the protection of cyberspace, including timeline, deployment strategy, relationship and complementarity to existing initiatives and a prioritisation approach based on the impact analysis.

The focus will be on:
  • Defining the different elements contributing to a European strategy, across the technological, societal, legislative, policy and collaborative dimensions (this serves a dual purpose, on the one hand providing a table of content for the final document, and on the other hand ensuring, from the start of the project, a clear vision on how each topic of the other action lines is positioned in the overall strategy).
  • Refining the potential role by each stakeholder in the overall European strategy to protect cyberspace (this expands on the work done in other action lines to articulate an overall picture of the relative roles of each player).
  • Consolidating the CYSPA work into a single report, the European strategy to protect cyberspace. This is the key CYSPA outcome, including timeline, deployment approaches, certification and standards, roles, links to national strategies etc.

Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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