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The CYSPA Alliance is “An Alliance of EU stakeholders working together to articulate, embody and deliver the concrete actions needed to reduce cyber disruption”.

Member profiles
The CYSPA Alliance is open to public and private organisations that have a legal representation in Europe (including EEA/EFTA and neighbouring countries). In certain cases, non-legal bodies may be accepted into the Alliance, pending approval from the CYSPA Board. The CYSPA Alliance is not open to individuals, except for the role of 'Adviser' where the CYSPA Board may decide to invite an individual based on the recommendations of the CYSPA Alliance members.

Organisations may nominate one or more individuals to represent them in CYSPA; one individual representative will be identified as the main contact.

Member roles & responsibilities
Members joining CYSPA have to specify:
  • which representative(s) will join CYSPA
  • who is the main contact point
  • which working group(s) they wish to join and nominate the individual representative(s) involved
  • Members will have access to:
  • all information generated by CYSPA across the different working groups
Full members
Full members participate to:
  • the annual elections to elect the representatives of the CYSPA Board
  • the annual selection to propose representatives for the role of Adviser
Full membership is managed on an annual basis; members may resign at any time during a year, and the resignation will become effective at the end of the on-going year.

Full members pay an annual fee, starting on 1st July 2015. Please contact Nina Olesen to receive information about the fee structure.

For members joining prior to 1st July 2015
  • Membership is free until the 30 June 2015. Stakeholders can start joining the Alliance now already by signing the CYSPA Letter of Intent to test activities prior to formal registration.
To avoid any misunderstanding, membership beyond that date will not be automatic; members will be requested to confirm their participation when the fee based membership comes into force.

Fees are paid by anticipation to EOS as the legal entity representing the secretarial support to the CYSPA Alliance.

Membership joining process
All potential members will need to fill in the membership adherence request form once the fees are introduced on 1st July 2015. The form will be handled within 10 working days with the CYSPA secretarial support requesting approval from the CYSPA Board. If accepted, members will be granted access to our dedicated Community Portal. Potential members are also encouraged to sign the CYSPA Letter of Intent. Both documents should be sent to Nina Olesen.

Membership leaving process
Members wishing to leave CYSPA have to send an email request to the secretarial point of contact of the CYSPA Alliance who will send back an acknowledgement. The resignation will come into the force at the end of the on-going calendar year and no membership fee will be reimbursed.


Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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