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The aim of this action line is to deliver the top-down impact methodology of CYSPA to understand the full impact of cyber disruptions across different dimensions, i.e. economic, operational, organisational and legislative. This approach contributes directly to a trust building approach by first analysing where and how the negative impacts occur, and from there identify the remedies that will contribute to improved trust, based on concrete facts.

The methodology is based on a detailed identification of assets and threats.

The action line complements the methodology with the detailed impact reports across 4 sectors.
The focus will be on:
  • Analysing the impact of cyber disruptions on a sector per sector basis; initially, eGovernment, energy, finance, and transport have been selected. These domains have been selected based on their direct relevance either as critical infrastructures, as underlying infrastructures; these domains have also been selected based on the credible representation of sectorial stakeholders in the CYSPA Alliance.
  • Analysing existing and upcoming policies and directives at European level, as well as the national strategies across the European member states and to see how these different contributions can modify /alleviate the impact of cyber disruptions.
  • Integrating, in the impact report, the observations of trends and threats provided by third parties, European agencies, CERTs, industrial organisations, research organisations etc.


Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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