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CYSPA is designed to provide users from different sectors with the knowledge to protect their assets from cyber threats and to mitigate cyber disruptions.

The user group is made up of organisations from across industry who are users of cyber security solutions and services – with an initial focus on four target sectors; eGovernment, energy, finance, and transport.

For CYSPA, it is crucial not only to understand the needs of users but also to educate them on how best to protect themselves from cyber threats and increase awareness about cyber security as a whole.

Why join the CYSPA Alliance?

CYSPA can provide:
  • Increased awareness about the existence of cyber risk;
  • Increased understanding about the impact of cyber threats on their own sector;
  • A validated impact methodology to support informed decisions on why and where to invest to improve cyber security ;
  • A return on investment approach to match investments to a known level of cyber risks;
  • Improved protection against and mitigation of effects of cyber disruptions;
  • Increased awareness of the value of cyber security as a market differentiator for organisations;
  • Access to knowledge about the latest technology and solutions in relation to cyber threats;
  • A channel to share knowledge and expertise with other players from the same sector;
  • A channel to share knowledge and expertise with players from other sectors;
  • An increased alignment of the European strategy to protect cyberspace to their sectorial needs.

CYSPA will ask users to:
  • Respond to focus interviews, questionnaires and other communication methods to help CYSPA gather information;
  • Contribute to CYSPA’s understanding of their sector’s cyber risk through interviews and questionnaires;
  • Participate to CYSPA activities to identify, test and evolve new tools to manage cyber risk;
  • Adopt CYSPA recommendations within their own organisation and provide the lessons learned within their own organisation back to the community
  • Collaborate to contribute and review the European strategy to protect cyber space

Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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