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The aim of this action line is to identify the gaps in solutions and technology starting on the one hand from a portfolio of technology and solutions and on the other hand from the report generated as part of the action line on impact. This gap analysis is complemented by a proposed deployment approach, based on a detailed analysis of innovation uptake mechanisms such as the KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community), as well as the roles of key stakeholders (EU agencies, CERTs, cyber-exercises, international collaborations etc).

The focus will be on:
  • Analysing existing technology (research results, individual research organisations, industrial labs), existing approaches (education programmes) and market solutions and how each contributes or could contribute to decreasing cyber disruptions and building trust.
  • Analysing how expected (future) results from different research environments can contribute to decreasing cyber disruptions and building trust.
  • Analysing roles of existing standards and certification, their applicability and their role in contributing to building trust / limiting cyber disruptions / easing cross-organisation collaboration.
  • Analysing different innovation models, starting from the KIC as the way to speed up transfer from research to market. The role of EU agencies and CERTs (and other identified organisations) as channels of deployment will be detailed.
A gap analysis report (addressing the impact findings) and an online tool ensuring dynamic access to the technology & solutions inventory will also be developed.

Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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