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Public Authorities
CYSPA is designed to support public authorities with an interactive and bi-directional channel to align policies and strategies to user identified needs and to support faster uptake by users and providers of these policies.

The public authorities group is made up of international and national public authorities that aim to improve cyber security across industry

Why join the CYSPA Alliance?

CYSPA can provide:
  • Increased understanding of cyber risks posed to users across EU, easing the creation of incentive based policies;
  • Better and faster communication channels to improve the adoption of and speed up the uptake of policies by users and providers;
  • Availability of a realistic set of recommendations and advice validated by users and providers;
  • Support to policy development in relation to best practice and self regulations proposed by users and providers.

CYSPA will ask public authorities to:
  • Respond to focus interviews, questionnaires and other communication methods to help CYSPA gather information;
  • Consider adopting/endorsing CYSPA recommendations;
  • Propose items, areas of focus and areas for collaboration based on foreseen policy development;
  • Communicate to- and sharing with - the CYSPA community of policy and strategies “in the making”.

Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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