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CYSPA is designed to support IT providers and researchers with a collaborative environment to better align solutions to user needs, to easily identify gaps and to ease the adoption of innovations by users.

The provider group is made up of:
  • Organisations that provide cyber security services and solutions;
  • Organisations that provide business solutions that enable cyber security;
  • Research bodies that provide research into cyber security.

Why join the CYSPA Alliance?

CYSPA can provide:
  • Increased understanding of market requirements;
  • Growth in cyber security market through increased awareness and understanding of risks by user organisations and clearer priority based investment strategies;
  • Identification of gaps through a closer collaboration with users
  • Faster time to market for innovative cyber security capabilities through the technology and solutions observatory
  • Access ‘test beds’ of user organisations to test cyber security capabilities, processes and solutions;
  • An increased alignment of the European strategy to protect cyber-space to their research and time to market needs.

CYSPA will ask providers to:
  • Respond to focus interviews, questionnaires and other communication methods to help CYSPA gather information;
  • Contribute to CYSPA’s knowledge base and technology and solutions observatory through interviews and questionnaires;
  • Participate to CYSPA activities to identify, test and evolve new tools to manage cyber risk;
  • Support CYSPA awareness raising and education activities
  • Collaborate to contribute and review the European strategy to protect cyberspace

Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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