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CYSPA is open to:
  • Cyber security industry organisations
  • Research institutions
  • User sector representatives (eGovernment, energy, finance, and transport)
  • Technology and innovation specialists
The CYSPA Alliance includes two types of membership:

Full membership is open to stakeholders who intend to actively work together and participate to one or more of the CYSPA bodies as described in the previous section. Full membership is free until March 2015. 

Associate membership is open to stakeholders who would like to participate in the Working Groups and be kept informed of CYSPA results. Associate membership enables stakeholders to participate in Working Groups but not in the Task Forces, Steering Committee, or in the annual elections and Main Board selection phase.

The roles and responsibilities of CYSPA members include:
  • Provide input to direction and agenda for CYSPA focus;
  • Collaborate to develop capability proposals in line with current focus/agenda;
  • Assist with communicating recommended capabilities externally
  • Implement selected capabilities internally;
  • Evaluate capabilities and understand outcomes and benefits;
  • Based on outcomes and benefits, recommend whether capabilities should be implemented beyond CYSPA members.
In turn, by joining the CYSPA Alliance, members will benefit from knowledge and expertise, tailored to their interest and needs.

To know more about the benefit you will get by being member of CYSPA, please check it out here or if you want to know more about the benefit dedicated to each kind of stakeholders please visit the following pages:

Users – If you belong to one of the 4 sectors that CYSPA targets: eGovernment, Energy, Finance, and Transport.

Providers – If you are a provider in the cyber security market

Public Authorities – If you are involved in government policy development and communication


Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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