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CYSPA is supported through a structured organisation. The organisation includes:
  • An advisory board, whose consultative role is to support the alliance
  • A steering board whose role is to manage the alliance
  • Working groups
  • Task Forces
The CYSPA operations are reviewed on a yearly basis and aligned to the annual CYSPA strategic plan.

CYSPA’s vision and mission:

“An alliance of EU stakeholders working together to articulate, embody and deliver the concrete actions needed to reduce cyber disruption ”

  • Beginning with the initial CYSPA partners, we will evolve into a community of EU stakeholders working to increase the ability of industry to protect itself from cyber disruptions.
  • While the CYSPA community is grounded in the EU, its aim is to extend its outreach at international level.
  • We will differentiate ourselves by delivering concrete support to our community – evaluating the impact of cyber-threats and identifying solutions.
  • In the longer term, we aim to deploy our recommended solutions and processes within our own organisations to create a shared basis for best practices based on lessons learnt.
The CYSPA alliance is open to an array of stakeholders:
  1. Users: Organisations from across industry who are users of cyber security solutions and services – with an initial focus on five target sectors; Energy, finance, telecoms, transport and e-government.
  2. Providers: Organisations who provide cyber security services and solutions, or provide business solutions that enable cyber security, or provide research into cyber security.
  3. Public authorities: International and national public authorities that aim to improve cyber security across industry.

Check out the benefits each kind of stakeholder gets in being part of CYSPA.

Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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