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Action Lines
The CYSPA alliance has the following aims:
  • To implement and continue to evolve the strategy and roadmap for improved cyber security across industry;
  • To achieve this by working together to apply the practical methods, standards, information, technologies, communities and behaviours we have analysed and recommended within our own organisations to evaluate and evolve them, and ‘learn by doing’;
  • To understand how these capabilities will affect the broader European community by observing the effect they have within the CYSPA community - we therefore aim to use CYSPA as a microcosm or test bed of the broader markets.
  • To increase the impact of our actions beyond the CYSPA community by leading by example.

CYSPA will achieve these aims through focused action lines. CYSPA currently includes four action lines. New action lines can be proposed by the Alliance members to the Steering and Advisory Boards.

The first set of action lines that will enable the CYSPA Alliance are:

cyspa action lines

The IMPACT action line focuses on quantifying and qualifying the impact of cyber disruptions on a sector per sector basis. The sectors currently under analysis include: e-Government, energy, finance, telecommunications and transport. New sectors may be proposed by the Alliance members. The action line delivers a methodology to evaluate impact, an online tool to classify assets and threats and detailed impact of cyber-disruptions reports for each sector. This action line delivers its results by November 2013.

The SOLUTIONS action line focuses on identifying gaps in solutions and technology, and analysing innovation uptake mechanisms as well as the specific roles of key stakeholders. The action line delivers a solutions and technology observatory by September 2014.

The STRATEGY action line focuses on developing a consolidated European strategy for the protection of cyberspace, based on a detailed analysis of contributing factors and the impact analysis. The action line delivers intermediate results from June 2013 to December 2014 and delivers the final strategy document by March 2015.

The COMMUNITY BUILDING action line focuses on providing a one-stop shop online centre for knowledge, expertise and tailored strategies on cyber security. The action line delivers the first results by September 2013.


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