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CYSPA is the European Cyber Security Protection Alliance, initiated by 17 founding organisations.

The aim of the Alliance is to increase the capacity of industry to protect itself from cyber disruptions. The strategy is to bring together EU stakeholders working together to articulate, embody and deliver the concrete actions needed to reduce cyber disruption. 
The key drivers of the Alliance are to deliver concrete results to its members and to contribute to Europe’s policy on cyber-security by providing expert input to the European Commission and the Member States.

  The methodology of the Alliance is deliver results through clearly identified action lines and to operate both at sectorial level in domains proposed by its members and at cross-domain level.

  The Alliance is open to all stakeholders impacted by cyber disruptions as well as solution providers and researchers. Check out the benefits targeted per each kind stakeholder.

  The Alliance is supported through a structured governance that includes a Board, Steering Committee, and selected Advisors; the different sectors are represented in working groups, while the action lines are implemented through task forces.

CYSPA currently focuses on 4 sectors CYSPA currently works on 4 action lines

New sectors will be added based on members’ request and participation
Measuring the impact of cyber disruptions
Delivering a technology and solutions observatory
Consolidating its members’ industrial and research expertise into a European strategy to protect cyber space
Creating a cyber disruptions knowledge base

New action lines will be added based on members’ needs and on the European and national contexts.

Project partly funded by EU FP7  

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